Advantages of garbage container with 2 wheels
 Dec 30, 2019|View:1614

The garbage container with 2 wheels that we often see in our lives but do not use are also very effective. These bins are used outdoors, but there are also a few that are prevented from being used indoors. With the in-depth control of garbage classification, there are classification marks on each bin, and these signs also affect the quality of the bin.

garbage container with 2 wheels

The most common outdoor bucket is a green bucket, which is mainly used to hold recyclable items. The space occupied by the object is relatively large. Generally, 2-3 pieces are placed together when placed, which can reduce the number of large items Occupation of space by items makes it impossible to place them in other recyclable trash.

The size of the trash can is different, and the capacity of the objects can be different. When the bucket is used to hold liquid waste, it cannot be full, because there are two wheels under the bucket for easy movement. The barrel will be inclined to spill the liquid inside.

The overall design of the barrel is uniform, and they can be stacked together when storing barrels of the same specification, which can effectively save space. It can also be used mechanically with the garbage truck, which is more convenient and quick. The inside of the barrel is a smooth surface. When all the dry items are discarded, it can be easily cleaned without leaving any residue.

The garbage container with 2 wheels can hold a lot of items, and it also has a lid to effectively block off odors. Users who need to order a large amount of this garbage container with 2 wheels are welcome to contact us and look forward to your visit.

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