Features of foldable plastic storage basket​
 Dec 23, 2020|View:1612

The foldable plastic storage basket can be used in clothing, machinery, chemical, food, logistics and other industries. It can be used to store food. The internal parts are lightweight, convenient to turnover, and neatly stacked, easy to centralize management. It is currently widely used in factory logistics, distribution and storage, etc. . The foldable plastic storage basket can be used in warehouses, production sites and other occasions with a variety of logistics containers to help complete the integrated management of logistics containers. It is a necessity for modern logistics. Its own non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant characteristics make foldable plastic storage basket more advanced in the market.

foldable plastic storage basket

When storing items in a foldable plastic storage basket, the temperature can be kept at about 40℃ to achieve a better storage effect. The boxes can be stacked and the number of layers is determined by the weight. It should not be too high. A reasonable stacking can increase the service life of the foldable plastic storage basket. . The foldable plastic storage basket is suitable for high-tech electronics and hardware industries, or used in the medical industry, refrigerated aquatic products, long-distance transportation, etc., or used for one-time export, etc. Various options can meet the different needs of customers. foldable plastic The storage basket will also usher in new opportunities and continuous improvement in this era of environmental protection.

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