What is the cause of plastic shipping pallet deformation
 Jan 28, 2021|View:1408

After the plastic shipping pallet is deformed, it will affect the stability of pallet stacking, whether it is the plastic shipping pallet stacking itself or the goods stacked on the pallet. The quality assurance of plastic shipping pallet manufacturers is durability, but some customers have responded that some plastic shipping pallets have been deformed during use. In addition, due to the deformation of the plastic shipping pallet, some vehicles cannot be matched and used, resulting in a reduction in the carrying capacity of the plastic shipping pallet. Next, plastic shipping pallet manufacturer Xuansheng Plastic Industry will explain to you.

There are many types of plastic shipping pallets. When purchasing a plastic shipping pallet that meets the load-bearing requirements, if the load-bearing capacity is exceeded, the customer should first consider the load-bearing problem of the plastic shipping pallet according to their own industry. To prevent the deformation of the plastic shipping pallet, what is the reason for the deformation of the plastic shipping pallet?

  1. Uneven distribution of stress points will cause the plastic shipping pallet to deform; if the weight of the goods is concentrated on the edge of the plastic shipping pallet when placed, and there is no weight of the goods in the middle, it will definitely cause the plastic shipping pallet to deform.

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2. Plastic pallet manufacturers are different, the carrying capacity of plastic shipping pallet is limited, and the cargo placement exceeds the layer load of plastic shipping pallet, that is, when purchasing plastic shipping pallet, the manufacturer will choose the corresponding material and cargo loading according to the number of layers. In actual use, when the weight of the goods on the plastic shipping pallet exceeds the weight of the material selected at the time, the plastic shipping pallet will be deformed.

3. Incorrect handling operation. Sometimes, when the user uses the plastic shipping pallet to move the forklift to operate the goods, the forklift and the driver will cause the forklift arm to hit the plastic shipping pallet and cause the pallet to deform.

4. If the plastic shipping pallet material is not properly selected, when customers buy plastic shipping pallet, they will inevitably encounter some bad pallet manufacturers, corners and too many filling figures, which will make the plastic shipping pallet soft and fragile And deformation.

The deformation of plastic shipping pallet is undesirable for plastic shipping pallet manufacturers. At the same time, customers should also promote ways to extend the life of plastic shipping pallets. In addition to continuously improving the quality of pallets, we should also try to improve the accuracy of using plastic shipping pallets to extend their service life.

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