Introduce heavy duty plastic pallet
 Feb 11, 2021|View:1236

Compared with traditional wooden pallets, Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet adopts high-tech molding control technology, which is satisfactory in terms of internal quality, dimensional accuracy and load level. The molding process of the glossy Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet is high temperature and high pressure.

All examples of Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet materials are suitable for hygienic properties such as food, medicine, beer and beverages. In many places, wood products are inherent to mold and dust in terms of hygiene, clean room, and interpenetrating pollution. Wooden pallets cannot be used due to contamination and product problems, especially under high humidity. In addition to the possible professional sanitary trays are completely sealed and sealed by surface lubrication, all impurities accumulated in the Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet structure must also be removed.

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet can be cleaned or repeatedly cleaned to eliminate dust in the air. Regardless of the working conditions, even in the worst case, Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet materials will not absorb moisture. Commonly used polyethylene and polypropylene Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet are not affected by weak acid and weak alkali corrosion factors.

For example, China is also considering imposing restrictions on imported goods. Within the scope of the plan, these products may contaminate the country’s jungles due to pests on wooden pallets. Under normal processing conditions, Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet can be used for 10 years without weakening the material, loosening nails or changing the shape. In terms of service life, Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet can easily replace wooden pallets. To

It is very special to compare whether the static load is suitable for each rough application, it is difficult, and it is the most suitable style to provide precise rules. The light weight Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet has a lower material carrying capacity than the Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet. There are layers of air freight outlets and a low-level warehouse, which is not suitable for heavy shelves.

The two-way shelf sensitivity provides a complete perimeter base and additional loading capacity, making these pallets ideal for full use in any scattered situation.

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