How the vegetable and fruit storage box plays a role in keeping fresh
 Mar 03, 2021|View:1399

Now our vegetables are said to be used fresh, those fresh fruits and vegetables are how fresh to consumers to buy it? In this regardless of the degree of maturity of fruits and vegetables have picking requirements, in terms of preservation is very much in sight. The main idea is to store fruits and vegetables in a fruit and vegetable storage box, so that they can be used as both insurance and packaging box.

The containers are usually made of plastic, but the plastic is stronger than different plastics, and the structure of the containers is different for different products. It is common in life is the box is fully sealed, such a structure is only suitable for some fruits and vegetables, some fruits and vegetables in the transport process requires a strong air permeability, then the box to be replaced.

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It is usually used in conjunction with other ingredients in order to preserve the freshness of the fruit and vegetables to an optimum level.

There are many types of storage boxes, mainly according to different requirements for classification. When the weather is cold, the fruits and vegetables are transported in cold-resistant containers to ensure that they will not freeze and that the quantity of fruits and vegetables can be counted easily. Transport in hot weather for the special said to take the appropriate amount of frozen treatment, this is to choose a good thermal performance of the box, this is also able to keep fresh fruits and vegetables.

It's impossible to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for long periods of time, but choosing the right storage container can increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. For more information about the storage box please contact us and look forward to your visit.

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