Explain in detail the precautions for using grid plastic pallet
 Apr 06, 2021|View:853

Grid plastic pallet is a very common item in our lives, especially in warehouses and other places. We can basically see him anywhere, so today we will follow the grid plastic pallet manufacturer Xuan Sheng Plastic Industry to discuss the precautions when using the grid plastic pallet.

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1. When hydraulic trucks and forklifts use grid plastic pallet, the distance between the outer edge of the fork and the outer edge of the fork of the grid plastic pallet should be as wide as possible, and the depth of the fork should be greater than 2/3 of the depth of the entire pallet .

2. When hydraulic trucks and forklifts use grid plastic pallet, they should maintain a constant speed to move forward and backward, and move up and down, so as to avoid sudden braking and sudden rotation to damage the pallet and cause the goods to collapse.

3. When the pallet is on the shelf, the grid plastic pallet should remain stable on the shelf beam, and the length of the pallet should be more than 50mm larger than the outer diameter of the shelf beam. Which grid plastic pallet is suitable for cold storage or high-intensity use environment? Plus or minus 40°C, polypropylene cannot be made of polypropylene and cannot resist low temperatures. If you need to place the tray on a shelf in the cold storage, use a double-sided tray. If the goods are not that heavy, you can choose a field-shaped or Sichuan-shaped pallet. Another: Used in a low temperature environment, practice has proved that modified polypropylene can be fully qualified. Modified polypropylene is a high-temperature incomplete polymerization product of polyethylene and polypropylene. It has the toughness of polypropylene, the low temperature resistance of polyethylene, stable physical properties, abrasion resistance and drop resistance. Large chemical companies, low-temperature cold storage and other environments usually recommend this material.

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