Will outdoor plastic dustbin be deformed
 May 14, 2021|View:995

The raw material of outdoor plastic dustbin is polyethylene, which usually cracks after use. Because the bottom part wears the protective ring first, then the bottom part and the cylinder, and even part of the bottom part, the bottom part can no longer be used. Even some outdoor plastic dustbins are caused by burning garbage in the trash can, burning a big hole, etc. Once this kind of trash can occurs, it is almost impossible to repair it.

outdoor plastic dustbin

The outdoor plastic dustbin is mostly used outdoors, so it naturally needs to withstand wind and rain. So, how should plastic sanitary waste prevent manufacturers from deforming during the production process?

In fact, it is very simple to prevent the outdoor plastic dustbin from being deformed. It needs more attention during the production process, especially the production temperature. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause product deformation; but if the temperature is too low, it will also cause embrittlement and deformation. Therefore, the temperature should be properly controlled. If the wall thickness of the plastic sanitary trash can is too thin, deformation will occur, so it is very important to control the production temperature.

When Jiangsu Xuansheng Plastic Industry produces outdoor plastic dustbin tanks and tank lids, they use disposable injection molding, which is strong and durable. Through this seamless structure design, the leak-proof structure has been 100% tested and will not be deformed.

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