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Ultimate lightweight design & the most advanced material ratio application: only to manufacture plastic pallets, folding boxes, logistics boxes, etc.
that best meet your cost and usage requirements.
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About XuanSheng
Become the preferred brand in the global warehousing
Jiangsu Xuan Sheng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a well-known domestic engaged in processing plastic products of private enterprises. The factory covers an area of 25000 square meters, construction area of 14000 square meters, has advanced injection molding equipment 150T - 2800T injection molding machine more than 20 units...

20 years of experience in manufacturing plastic pallets


The company covers an area of 148,000㎡


More than 60 sets of advanced large and medium-sized microcomputer injection molding equipment


The company has more than 300 people

Why Not Share Your Needs With Us?
Our team brings together talents from machinery, logistics, food processing, agriculture and other industries.
They may be able toprovide you with relevant cases and solutions.
Why Choose Xuan Sheng
Xuan Sheng Plastic Technology
From 3 to 40 tonnes capacity,7 types of standard machines,Ancillary processing equipment;
Design of pultrusion plants and workshops;Offering formulas,moulds and preformed design as well as technical guiding documents;
Training technical operation personnel to assist customers to make qualified pultruded products;
Industry Application
Thanks to 4000+ Customers for Choosing Us
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Xuan Sheng's pallets are easy to use, made of genuine materials and of high quality. We are very satisfied with them. Because of Xuansheng's good quality, good service and affordable price, we have always been a loyal customer of Xuansheng.

December 2018
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I have a good relationship with Xuan Sheng. I have been cooperating with Shanghai companies before, and later I found Xuansheng. Xuansheng's products are really affordable, reasonably priced, and of excellent quality. The service and after-sales are first-class! Xuansheng has always been at the forefront of the market, and it is very reassuring to cooperate with Xuansheng!

May 2017
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We met Xuansheng at the 2015 Shanghai Exhibition, and we have been cooperating since then, and the cooperation is very pleasant! Xuansheng Plastics has indeed provided customers with a different logistics turnover experience! The folding box series is very convenient to fold, which greatly saves transportation costs, has beautiful colors, excellent quality, and reasonable prices. At the same time, Xuansheng's service and after-sales are very good, and we will continue to cooperate!

January 2016
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After asking several companies, we finally chose you. Your pallets are of good quality, reasonable design, and beautiful appearance! The after-sales service is also good and the price is reasonable, so we chose Xuansheng. The oblique plug-in box design is very practical, can be stacked, saves transportation costs, is brand new and durable, so we will always cooperate with Xuansheng!

January 2019
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The quality and color of the tray are always so good, and the design of the tray is particularly easy to use and practical

June 2015

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89# Dongfang East Road, Hengshanqiao Town, Wujin District, Changzhou city, Jiangsu, province, China
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