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  • heavy duty plastic shipping pallet

1210Heavy duty large plastic pallet price,plastic shipping pallet

Product name:XSZJ-1210T 9 runners back heavy duty type
Molding type: Injection molding
Size:1200*1000*145H mm
Dynamic load:800kg static load:2000kg
Origin: Changzhou
bottom structure: 9 legs light-duty
Application: suitable for floor and pallet rack
Forklift can use,

heavy duty plastic shipping pallet

heavy duty plastic shipping pallet

heavy duty plastic shipping pallet

heavy duty plastic shipping pallet


1.Under used in normal conditions, the guarantee period is 3 years.

2.If the products are damaged by quality problems,we guarantee to replace the broken products free of charge.(1:1 replacement rate in first year,3:1 replacement rate in the second and third years)

logo printing

If you want the products can have your own logo and ideas, why not try this service? You may enjoy this service at a very low price in the combo, and our designer will discuss it with you.

Customized color

For most of the products, you make got them with the color you want. The only thing you need to provide for us is a RAL Colour Atla or a Pantone Color Atla.

Extra load plan

For the needs of more load weight, we have a support team that can make some plans for you. The most normal way is adding some steel tubes in the plastic pallets.

It is not your type? You may ask the service team for more information. We are glad to show you more plastic products. If you ask for a new size or design for your needs, our design team is happy to discuss with you. We can make the customized product for you! Just email us for more details!

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