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  • foldable storage basket
  • 600-250 Folding Plastic Stackable Utility Crates,Foldable Storage Basket

600-250 Folding Plastic Stackable Utility Crates,Foldable Storage Basket

foldable storage basket

foldable storage basket

foldable storage basket


1.Under used in normal conditions, the guarantee period is 3 years.

2.If the products are damaged by quality problems,we guarantee to replace the broken products free of charge.(1:1 replacement rate in first year,3:1 replacement rate in the second and third years)

New design and new process

The latest design makes the product more beautiful.If the old models are already widely used in industry, the new ones are more focused on a wider range of USES. This product is very popular because people can use it not only in factories but also in daily life. Solid materials and a good look will be the reasons you choose to know more about this product.

Product feature

The product is foldable. It makes them can help you save more space and transportation costs. While saving you management costs, this product is also very durable and strong.

logo printing

If you want the products can have your own logo and ideas, why not try this service? You may enjoy this service at a very low price in the combo, and our designer will discuss it with you.

Hot stamping

Another customized printing you can use. It is really hard to be erased during your using. Comparing with the normal logo printing, the logos will be more shine.

Customized color

For most of the products, you make got them with the color you want. The only thing you need to provide for us is a RAL Colour Atla or a Pantone Color Atla.

It is not your type? You may ask the service team for more information. We are glad to show you more plastic products. If you ask for a new size or design for your needs, our design team is happy to discuss with you. We can make the customized product for you! Just email us for more details!

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