New plastic pallet
 Jan 26, 2024|View:662

In order to meet the needs of customers, the plastic pallet manufacturer has developed a new mold. From now on, the new 1311 grid Sichuan character injection molding pallet is officially launched!


The 1311 pallet comes with a rounded arc pattern anti-collision design, which can act as a buffer when the pallet falls and prolongs its service life; the anti-slip pad on the surface of the pallet adopts an internal and external structure, with TPE elastomer on the outside, which has good anti-slip effect, and PP on the inside, which provides strong fixation. High; the pallet inlet adopts a bevel design, which greatly reduces the impact damage of the forklift on the pallet when entering the fork; positions for pasting barcodes are reserved on all sides of the pallet, laying the foundation for improving warehousing informatization.


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