Plastic pallets china are greatly reduced in price, don’t miss it!
 Feb 22, 2024|View:543

The price adjustment of plastic pallets china has not been too big all along, but since the resumption of work this year, the price of plastic pallets china has been falling. Why is this? The plastic manufacturer will explain it to you below.


Plastic pallets are usually made of HDPE (polyethylene), and polyethylene is a raw material extracted from petroleum, so its price is closely related to petroleum. In 2020, oil prices have dropped, and the sudden epidemic has caused oil prices to drop again. Therefore, the price of polyethylene has naturally dropped a lot, even approaching the price of recycled materials.

Many companies that pay close attention to pallet prices have given up on recycled material pallets for the first time and have begun to choose new material pallets.

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