Improve service levels and realize brand value
 Mar 09, 2024|View:220

Nowadays, many manufacturers of plastic pallets have begun to focus on brand promotion in order to ensure that their brands have a place in the market. However, brand marketing promotion alone is not enough. The most important thing is to improve Service Level.


The manufacturer's service level is mainly reflected in three aspects: dealer service, terminal sales service and after-sales service. The level of service will directly affect customers' value judgments on the brand of plastic pallet manufacturers.

Dealer service: In the past, plastic pallet manufacturers used to put inventory pressure on dealers. Now that plastic pallets have developed steadily, manufacturers provide ideas, tools and dealers to face problems together, and services can naturally be improved.

Terminal sales service: Currently, plastic turnover pallet manufacturers need sales support to build their brands, while product sales rely on terminal breakthroughs. Manufacturers should use electronic products and network tools to promote and attract customers.

After-sales service: The sales staff of plastic turnover pallet manufacturers should change their minds and not be afraid of after-sales service. They should regard after-sales service as a test to improve the sales staff's business capabilities.

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