Development history of plastic pallets in China
 Apr 06, 2024|View:202

In the industrial era, various machines have been widely used. In order to achieve large-scale industrial production, people have invented a logistics vehicle that can match internal combustion engines, namely pallets.


During World War II, pallets were widely used in military logistics in various countries. After the end of the war, the scope of pallet use gradually expanded, and the production materials of pallets also gradually diversified with changes in the usage environment, such as metal, plastic, paper, etc.

In 2001, China registered and established its first professional pallet operator to cooperate with JPR in recycling pallets at Yantian Port in Shenzhen. However, when registering, business personnel were unable to understand pallets and pallet operations, so at first they could only register under the name of a freight forwarding company. Later, many foreign brands seized the Chinese market and brought the concept of pallet intermodal transportation to the logistics field in China. This immediately opened a new chapter in the circular sharing of pallets in China.

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