Protective measures for transparent foldable plastic storage box
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The use of turnover boxes in storage and transportation, logistics packaging, etc. is relatively active, and its use also plays an important role.Transparent foldable plastic storage box can make logistics transportation more convenient and faster. Then how to better protect it, the following briefly introduces the protective measures for logistics plastic turnover boxes.1. Keep away from open flames. Turnover boxes without flame retardants are flammable, and keeping them away from open flames can effectively reduce the probability of fire.

2. Handle gently. There will be weaknesses in hard things. When using the turnover box, handle it gently to prevent it from being unevenly stressed and damaged due to falling from high altitude.

transparent foldable plastic storage box

3. The goods are evenly placed. When packing items, keep the center of gravity of the goods horizontal, and keep boxes neat when stacking boxes. This will prevent the box from damaging the cargo due to tipping caused by the unstable center of gravity.

4. Match well. When supporting the use of turnover boxes and pallets, the size of both sides must be considered. It should not be too large or too small. Too much assembly will make insufficient use of resources, and too little will make it possible to produce side boxes.

5. Limit height and weight. When packing and stacking items, you need to consider the load-carrying capacity of the box and perform self-control on the weight of the items to prevent the box from being damaged by crushing the box.

6. Avoid the glare. When the box is exposed to strong ultraviolet rays for a long time, it will cause the box to age, and the toughness and resistance to impact will be reduced, thereby quickly reducing the service life.

Through the introduction above, the service life of the turnover box can be extended, thereby reducing the loss of the turnover box. Want to know the quality transparent foldable plastic storage box, welcome to consult and buy.

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