Compared with traditional pallets, what are the advantages of nine legs heavy duty plastic pallet
 Jan 06, 2021|View:1362

The more obvious feature of the nine legs heavy duty plastic pallet and the traditional pallet is that there are nine supporting legs at the bottom of the pallet. It is precisely because this function is called "nine legs plastic pallet".

1.Because the nine legs plastic pallet has support space, it is convenient to transport auxiliary transportation tools such as forklifts, thereby improving the efficiency of cargo handling.

2. Nine legs plastic pallet has reached the height of traditional plastic pallets due to the appearance of supporting feet, while saving a lot of raw materials, thereby reducing production costs, and the price of pallets is relatively low.

nine legs plastic pallet

2.Nine legs plastic pallet has compression and stacking functions. For the 9-foot-long hollow box, the same type of plastic pallet codes can be put together and inserted into the bottom of the nine legs plastic pallet to ensure the stability of the upper pallet and reduce the overall height of the yard.

Of course, due to its own design characteristics, the general dynamic load is 0.5T and the static load is 1.5T. The nine-legs plastic pallet is slightly lowered in the bearing, so the nine-legs plastic pallet is more suitable for lighter items.

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